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Amazon is working on its own artificial intelligence. We’ll talk to the search bar

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After the premiere of ChatGPT, there was a literal rash of artificial intelligence, with which you can converse in a way very similar to interaction with another human being. Among the biggest players who have invested in the development of their own AI models, are GoogleMicrosoft, Meta, IBM, and recently also Samsung. However, almost all of these calculations lack one giant: Amazon.

However, this is about to change, thanks to new Amazon developers who are set to “transform Amazon search with an interactive, conversational experience.”

Amazon is working on a smart search companion

As reported by Bloomberg, several job openings have appeared on Amazon’s job posting page, in which Amazon is looking for the specialists necessary to create “a new AI-based initiative aimed at changing the structure and way of searching by applying extremely large next-generation deep learning techniques.”

We are looking for the best and brightest in all of Amazon to help us realize and deliver this vision to our customers right now. This will be a one-of-a-kind transformation of Search.

– we read in one of the job offers

In a statement provided to the U.S. service, an Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment, saying only that Amazon is “investing significantly in generative AI across all of its divisions.”

AI in Amazon Search – important PR or consumer?

Although Amazon’s plans to implement artificial intelligence for search are not very original. However, the company would help in a different way, namely to deal with the problem of excessive exposure of ads and sponsored content in search results, which has been repeatedly pointed out to it. In high-profile publications, this was pointed out to the company by American Washington Post, which analyzed search results on various American sales platforms. On the first page of search results, an average of 8 results are ads for Amazon products or paid promotions. Other sales websites achieved a result between 1 and 4 results with a similar number of displayed products.

It is also worth noting that Amazon, talking about “conversational experience”, throws only general phrases, the company has specific grounds for action. In April, Amazon unveiled Amazon Titan, its own large artificial intelligence language models that are designed to both generate content and converse with humans. Titan is available as an API as part of Amazon Web Services and, according to the giant’s assurances, operates in as many as seven languages

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