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Android got new hotkeys. Here is the full list

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Google is now focusing on refining versions of Android for larger screens, such as folding-screen phones, tablets, and laptops. New devices such as the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet point to the direction of the system’s development.

Android and new keyboard shortcuts. Learn them.

As reported by Android Police, Mishaal Rahman, a specialist in the Google system, discovered a redesigned keyboard shortcut menu in the Beta 2 version of the latest Android. However, it should be noted that this feature is currently (and probably will be) available only for devices with a large screen – that is, for such as phones with a folding screen, tablets and laptops.

Importantly, the place where you can find these shortcuts has changed. In previous versions, they were available in: Settings -> System -> Languages and input methods -> Physical keyboard. In version 14, they can be found in: Settings -> System -> Keyboard -> Physical keyboard.

What shortcuts were found by Mishaal Rahman? Here’s the full list of the new 29 (or 34, depending on how you count) hashes:

  • Access to the notification panel: Search + N
  • Take a screenshot of the entire screen: Search + Ctrl + S
  • Open the full list of shortcuts: Search + /
  • Back button: Search + ~, Search + Backspace, Search + Left arrow
  • Home screen opening: Search + H, Search + Return
  • Overview of open apps: Search + Tab
  • Swipe between recent apps (forward): Alt + Tab
  • Swipe between recent apps (back): Alt + Shift + Tab
  • Launcher Search: Search
  • Hide and show the taskbar: Search + T
  • Open system settings: Search + I
  • Open Google Assistant: Search + A
  • Lock screen: Search + L
  • Call the default note-taking app: Search + Ctrl + N
  • Split the screen and place the active app on the right side of the screen: Search + Ctrl + Right arrow
  • Split the screen and place the active app on the left side of the screen: Search + Ctrl + Left arrow
  • Switch the active app from split screen to full screen: Search + Ctrl + Up arrow
  • Move apps in split screen: Search + Ctrl + Down arrow
  • Switch keyboard language to next: Ctrl + Space, Search + Space
  • Switch to the previous keyboard language: Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar, Ctrl + Search + Space
  • Open the assistant app: Search + A
  • Open a browser: Search + B
  • Open the calculator app: Search + U
  • Open the calendar app: Search + K
  • Open the Contacts app: Search + C
  • Open the mail app: Search + E
  • Open the map app: Search + M
  • Open the music app: Search + P
  • Open SMS app: Search + S

If you do not have a dedicated “Search” key on your keyboard, it will change to the system key. For example, for a Windows keyboard, it will be the Win button (i.e. an example combination is Win + Tab), and for macOS, Command. In addition, if someone does not like using a given key, the Search can be assigned under Control, Alt or Caps Lock.

Android 14 has better keyboard shortcuts than its predecessor.

Google has made the new keyboard shortcuts more useful. Compared to the 13 shortcuts available in Android 13, these new shortcuts provide a more efficient use of the mobile system.

In addition, in the upcoming update, we can expect improved support for trackpads, including gestures reminiscent of those of macOS.

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