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Apple Has Applied for the “xrProOS” Trademark

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Apple has via shell company applied for a new trademark related to the company’s upcoming VR / AR headset.

Just a few weeks before WWDC 2023, Apple’s big developer conference, it seems that Apple is continuing its small-scale secret applications for trademarks related to the upcoming AR/VR headset we’ve heard so much about.

Delaware based Deep Dive LLC has filed a trademark application for “xrProOS” written in Apple’s SF Pro font.

Apple Seeks VR Trademark in Several Countries

It should have happened on 18 May in Argentina, Turkey and the Philippines. The same company applied earlier this month for the trade market “xrOS” in SF Pro in New Zealand, and it is probably Apple that is behind both applications in an attempt to protect the information related to the headset.

Deep Dive LLC also applied for xrProOS in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK on May 18, but without SF Pro. The first trademark application was in Jamaica on April 27, the application summaries show.

Jamaica is often the first place Apple applies for trademarks for upcoming products, simply because Jamaica doesn’t have a searchable online database for trademarks. It helps keep the secrets of Apple.

XrProOs Is New Name

This is the first time we’ve heard of the name xrProOS, and we don’t know how Apple intends to use the name, if they use it at all.

Bloomberg believes that the operating system for Apple’s headset should be called xrOS, so there’s no telling where xrProOS fits into it all. Gurman has also mentioned Reality Pro as a potential name for the headset, so xrProOS could refer to the Pro labeling if Apple chooses to go in that direction.

It’s also possible that Apple is simply protecting itself and doesn’t currently plan to use xrProOS.

Launch at WWDC 2023

Apple is expected to present its AR/VR headset and associated developer tools during its keynote at WWDC on June 5, and it is likely to land on shelves later this year.

It is likely that there will be a mix of virtual reality and augmented reality in the headset, which is controlled with hand and eye tracking. Reportedly, it gets an external battery.

The headset is expected to get a price around $3,000 in the United States.

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