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Apple Declined 1,679,649 Entries to The App Store in 2023

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Apple Declined 1,679,649 Entries to The App Store in 2022
Apple Declined 1,679,649 Entries to The App Store in 2022
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Apple has published for the first time a report showing interesting figures and information about the App Store, including the number of rejected apps and updates.

For the first time, Apple has published an App Store Transparency Report. You can find the full report on Apple’s website, and here you can read interesting details about the App Store.

For example, one can see that at the end of 2022, there were 1,783,232 apps on the App Store.

Close to 1.7 Million Apps and Updates Were Rejected

In the document, which 9to5Mac was first to discover, Apple also reveals that they reviewed 6,101,913 so-called contributions last year.

Contributions can also be updates to existing apps, not just brand new things. Of the many contributions, 1,679,694 were rejected.

Surprisingly, the majority of entries, more than a million, didn’t make it onto the App Store because they didn’t meet Apple’s guidelines.

The company also rejected 441,972 apps for legal reasons.

China Sent the Most Requests to Remove Apps

Apple removed 2022,186 apps from the store in 195. In addition, they processed 1,474 requests to remove the app, with the vast majority, namely 1,435, coming from China.

In second place comes India with 14 queries. Apple says it handled 5,484 appeals over apps removed from the Chinese App Store during the same time period.

169 apps were re-entered the Chinese App Store during 2022 following appeals.

Close to 750,000,000 Downloads per Week

Last year, iPhone, iPad, and Mac users downloaded an average of 747,873,877 apps each week.

That sounds like a lot, but at the same time, an average of 1,539,274,266 apps were redownloaded per week.

Apple agreed to publish an App Store Transparency Report in a settlement reached with App Store developers in 2021.

At the time, Apple said it would “share meaningful statistics about the app review process, including the number of apps rejected for various reasons, the number of customer and developer accounts disabled, objective data regarding search queries and results, and the number of apps removed from the App Store.”

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