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Apple invests $7.5 billion in chip design center in Munich

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Apple invests $7.5 billion in chip design center in Munich
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Apple’s money tank abounds like no other company, and therefore there is room to invest an additional 7.5 billion in the chip center in Germany.

Apple has announced that it will invest one billion euros, or 7.5 billion, in a new design center for chips, two years after spending as much money on an R&D center also in Munich.

The new facility will actually function as a kind of extension to the existing one, which is just across the street.

Over 2,000 engineers gathered in one place

Apple wants to have 2,000 of its engineers in the same place so they can work more efficiently with state-of-the-art equipment. Here they will work with limited design of chips, power management in chips and the wireless technology of the future. Its main purpose is to improve the performance, efficiency, and power efficiency of Apple devices.

With Apple having as much money in its coffin as it has, it’s not surprising to announce such a large investment, and there may be more of the same in the near future. In the past five years, Apple has spent more than €18 billion with more than 800 German companies while creating countless jobs.

Apple came out of 2022 with a profit of just under $ 167 billion, so they have the money for this type of investment.

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