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There will be a new browser for Windows. On Mac, it’s already getting great reviews

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It would seem that the choice of web browsers for Windows is already excessively wide. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave have millions of users, and yet there are plenty of other alternatives. According to the young company The Browser Company, all these alternatives are too similar to each other.

It seems that the developers of The Arc Browser know what they are talking about. Their innovative browser recently debuted on macOS systems, where it collects very positive reviews from critics and professional reviewers alike. It is praised for its minimalist, convenient interface, placed on the side of the application – instead of the classic in its upper part, as well as for the simplicity in organizing many open tabs at the same time.

With the Arc browser for Mac, we’ll have to take a closer look at too. Especially since it will no longer be just a curiosity for Apple computers because its creators boasted of the advancement of work on the Windows version. Premiered later this year.

The Arc Browser for Windows. An innovative browser built on Apple technology.

The Windows version of Arc has something particularly interesting about it that will interest programmers. It is built using the Apple Swift language, thus being the first such complex application for Windows created using this method. The creators do not regret their choice – as they say, Swift in the case of their work has proven itself significantly better than the C++ language commonly used in classic Windows applications.

The Browser Company is going to share its experience of writing Arc for Windows using Swift. They plan to release the browser’s source code in the near future. They also predict that the production version will be ready for users later this year. Although they add that they should not be taken at their word and that there may be unforeseen delays.

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