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Artificial intelligence has learned what my neighbours can’t grasp

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Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash
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Artificial intelligence is about to enter almost all sectors of our lives. Some are afraid of it, while others with flushed faces can not wait for what the future will show us. But what if it could help solve a problem as simple as sorting garbage?

Artificial intelligence will do the job of sorting.

As reported by the BBC, a solution has been created that can help in sorting rubbish. This does not mean that from now on people will not have to do anything in this regard.

GreyParrot, a British startup, uses artificial intelligence and cameras to analyze waste treatment and recycling processes, tracking 32 billion pieces of waste annually. Although it was not and is not as simple as you might think:

A product like a Coke bottle, when it goes to the trash, will be crumpled, crushed and dirty, which makes the problem much more complex from an AI point of view

– explains Mikela Druckman, founder of GreyParrot

AI helps you understand how to improve recycling

The data that artificial intelligence collects and processes are intended to help gain information about what exactly happens to plastics and other materials when they end up in the landfill. Have they been processed? Do they end up in recycling?

If we had stricter regulations that changed the way we consume and design packaging, that would have a very big impact on the values and the way we use resources- says Druckman

GreyParrot presents his model in a simple way – and states that their systems can work with sorters. So basically AI can do anything: analyze garbage, send analyzes, or even sort it:

In the UK, it is planned to introduce a system of depositing waste in recycling machines in 2025 to promote the recovery of raw materials. Nevertheless, the search for environmentally friendly methods for waste disposal remains a challenge.

AI will not solve all problems. But it can help!

AI can be useful not only for manual waste sorting and proper disposal in accordance with recycling rules. Because this is what it is already used for, for example in Colorado:

But if GreyParrot’s AI found a pattern – something that would help us recycle waste more easily, it would benefit both people and the planet!

What if a simple change in the colour of the packaging helped some more people throw the garbage in the right bin? It’s all possible. Just look at the data that the AI has to spit out and find out what we can change – test these changes.

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