Best Practices for Author Profiles

Your profile educates viewers about you, and your history and helps them connect with the material you have produced. It also helps give credibility to your material.

Below is a simple instruction on how you may build up an excellent profile section. It’s a set of conduct indicators that you need to guarantee so that you come off as professional, authoritative and considered seriously by audiences. Do go across the same and check that your profile corresponds to the criteria.

Profile Picture:

  1. Please maintain your profile photo as professional as possible
  2. Ensure that your complete face is in plain sight.
  3. Smile! Being welcoming and compassionate goes a long way
  4. Avoid any kind of filter that will distort your face
  5. Never use any famous people, sportspersons, logos, caricatures or text as your profile image. We desire our audiences to perceive your thoughts seriously.

Official Name:

  1. Please stick to your Official name only. This assists with error-free payments as well.
  2. The name cannot be fictitious or correlate with your social media profiles or your email ID. Eg: john23doe is a clear no.
  3. The initial letter of your name must be capitalised. Do not use ‘ALL UPPERCASE’ or ‘all lowercase’. Eg: John
  4. If you’re using your second name additionally, then the initial letter of each word needs to be Capitalised. Eg: John Doe
  5. If your name includes initials, they need to be separated by a space. Eg: J Doe
  6. No aspect of the name may suggest an association with a brand unless you are validated as a brand account

About yourself:

  1. Be respectful, kind and professional when writing about yourself
  2. As much as feasible, write about yourself in the third person
  3. Be modest. Try being honest and genuine, not pretentious and self-indulgent
  4. This part should provide an insight into where your expertise lies and what tech you write and care about
  5. While your own hobbies may be highlighted, it shouldn’t be excessively off-topic
  6. The technology or platform you follow and support might be highlighted to strike resonance with the audiences
  7. Awards, honours, athletic honours and any other important magazine you write for might be included as part of this section
  8. Any insight into what the public might anticipate from your writings is appreciated