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Microsoft disables the idiotic restriction. Artificial intelligence will now work everywhere

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The so-called generative AI is described by many as a breakthrough comparable to the graphical user interface. It’s hard to disagree – but even skeptics have to admit that the technology behind next-generation chatbots is impressive and with huge potential.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the current revolution from the business side is Microsoft.

His significant investment in his own AI research, as well as the large money invested in OpenAI, is now yielding a bountiful harvest. Thanks to GPT technology, all important Microsoft services will become incomparably more useful – both than their previous versions and from competing solutions that will not offer similar facilities. Sometimes, however, you can believe too much in your strength.

An example of this is Bing Chat, which uses a technology similar to ChatGPT. This ChatGPT has gained tens of millions of new users who use the benefits of generative AI sometimes and every day. Meanwhile, Bing’s statistics have not budged since the chatterbot was introduced. Perhaps because Microsoft believed that on the wave of expected increased popularity of Bing, it will be possible to improve the statistics of the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge was mandatory to use Bing Chat. No more stupidity.

It turns out that the user sees no reason to change his favourite browser. Bing Chat is not this reason – especially since there are competing ChatGPT and Google Bard. So someone at Microsoft came to their senses and decided to lift the restrictions. I mean, he fixed potential compatibility problems with other browsers, because no one at Microsoft will officially admit that it can only be about statistics and views.

It remains to be happy with this sobering up. Bing Chat is just a very sensible proposal, distinguished by special attention to the reliability of the information presented – and it is still imperfect, but its additional advantage is attaching a detailed bibliography so that the user can instantly verify his statements. Its presence on Chrome and Safari browsers will not only benefit Microsoft.

*Opening illustration: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

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