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Blocking Netflix account sharing pays off. The service is already gaining limitations.

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Blocking Netflix account sharing pays off. The service is already gaining limitations.
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The ban on sharing an account on Netflix is a topic that excites the platform’s audience around the world. The high price of the subscription fee combined with far-reaching restrictions seemed quite a risky move. But are you sure?

The blockade of account sharing on Netflix is already profitable!

The blockade of sharing an account on Netflix has become a fact. Some see the solution to this problem in… travel, others cancel the service, and still others opt for an independent subscription. As it turns out, there are more of the latter than one might expect.

According to the latest report of the analytical company Antenna, the blockade of sharing an account on Netflix translated into measurable profits on the part of the service – at least if you look at the American market. The restriction was introduced there on May 23. A few days later – between 25 and 28 May – an average of 73,000 new subscriptions per day were registered! This result is 102% higher than the average of the previous 60 days. A broader perspective can be obtained by comparing this data with those from the beginning of the pandemic, when there was a significant increase in subscribers – but still lower than the recent changes.

End of Netflix Account Sharing – More Subscriptions Than Cancellations

And what about customers for whom this step was the final argument for unsubscribing?
According to the data contained in the same report, there were significantly fewer of them compared to those who decided to purchase the service (the subscription-to-opt-out ratio increased by 25.6% compared to the two-month period preceding the changes). Everything indicates that Netflix has achieved its goal – certainly in the US.

At this point, however, it is worth mentioning that access to a cheaper package with ads certainly translated into the above, favorable result for the website. This option is still not found, in the Polish offer of the platform. There is also no data for the other regions in which the service was launched.

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