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Chat, GPT and copyright – this applies when using AI-generated text and images

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Chat, GPT and copyright – this applies when using AI-generated text and images
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Generating content like text and images using AI like Chat, GPT, and Dall-E is easier than ever before. But are you allowed to use the content anyway? We go through what applies to copyright and artificial intelligence.

AI services such as Open AI’s Chat GPT and Dall-E 2 make it easy to auto-generate text and images in seconds. The result is often of a high level. But are you allowed to use the content anyway? There are a variety of problems that can arise when it comes to AI and copyright. Here are some examples:

  • AI systems can create new content that may fall under copyright, such as music, images or text. It can be difficult to determine who is the author or woman of this content and how copyright should be handled.
  • AI systems can be used to automatically translate or paraphrase existing content, which may constitute a copyright violation.

The points above are written by the AI service Chat GPT. What it writes is not only well-written, it’s also true: There are pitfalls to watch out for when using AI-created content. M3 has talked to a real person, Christina Wainikka, policy expert for intellectual property at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, about AI and copyright. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I use AI-generated text anyway?

The short answer is: Yes, as long as the text is entirely created by a machine. For copyright to apply, a human being must have been involved in the creation process.

Can I use AI-generated images freely?

Getting services like Open AI (Dall-E 2) to create images in the style of famous artists is no more difficult than typing in a text command and pressing enter. Copyright does not apply to a style or mannerism, but to the concrete image. This means that the same principles apply to images as to text. If they have enough changes in terms of concrete expressions (color, shape, proportions…) then it falls outside the copyright of the original.

Do the sources of AI-generated text and images have copyright?

Even if the AI services do not copy directly, the information is retrieved from somewhere. However, what is created is not covered by the copyright of the original works.

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