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ChatGPT for Android is just around the corner! Here’s how to get the app

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ChatGPT, functioning since November last year, has become one of the most popular Internet services – tens of millions of Internet users, instead of looking for information in Google Search, outsource this task to a chatbot from OpenAI, which often surprises with its effectiveness. Nevertheless, for such a popular service, the pace of building mobile applications seems a bit sluggish.

The application for iPhones appeared in May this year. What about Android? OpenAI has been silent on this subject for quite a long time, directing users to a web application that left something to be desired on phone screens. Next week, fortunately, there will be a dedicated application.

ChatGPT for Android in the Play Store. You can set up automatic installation of the application today.

Those interested in the ChatGPT for Android can click on the Play Store link above and set the app to automatically download when it’s made public. The exact release date is unknown, OpenAI only specifies until next week. It also doesn’t dwell too much on the app itself, but it’s fair to assume that it’s going to be very similar to the one on the iPhone.

Read this article where you can see that the native ChatGPT application from the App Store is more convenient than the website in Safari, and you can use it for voice text input, which can potentially do better than the system voice recognition on the iPhone keyboard.

ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI, using the GPT model and used to generate responses to data entered by the user. This model was developed on the basis of big data so that it can have a conversation and engage in a variety of topics – from general conversations to specific areas of knowledge. ChatGPT is also able to perform various language tasks, such as debugging code, creating creative content, or giving advice.

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