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Chrome will get a new bookmark. You will no longer have to rummage through the settings

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Password management is like any other thing you need to do. But what if you don’t necessarily want to pay too much attention to it? For eons, we’ve had a built-in password manager in Chrome, connected to a Google account. Previously, it seemed a bit outdated compared to competing solutions. However, now Google is back in the game with a strong offensive:

Google’s password manager will get some improvements

Most of these additional features are designed for computer users who will notice the more prominent presence of Google’s password manager in the Chrome settings menu.

In addition, now it will be easier to use it by selecting the “Manage passwords” option from the autofill credentials function or creating a shortcut on the desktop.

google manager hassel
Source: Google

Yes, you will now be able to create a desktop shortcut to Google Password Manager! Surely it will be useful to someone. In addition, it is now possible to authenticate auto-fill or display a password using biometric data, if our stationary device allows it.

Another feature is the ability to easily import logins and passwords in .csv format, for example from a competing service that we decided to opt-out of.

If you need something, now you can add notes to passwords. For example, an additional number is needed for verification or some useful information:

Google Desktop Password Notes Inline

The mobile version also got an update

In addition to searching for and identifying passwords that may have been leaked, the Password Checker feature on iOS systems will now also notify you of weak and reused passwords. Google announces that an update on this will come in the coming months.

Google Mobile Password Manager UI Password

Logging in to websites and viewing passwords using Google’s Password Manager on iOS will also become easier. When users navigate to the Chrome browser sign-in page, they will come across a larger and friendlier version of password autofill suggestions. Oh, QoL changes.

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