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EU sets up ChatGPT Task Force

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ChatGPT Task Force
ChatGPT Task Force
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The EU has set up a body to make it easier for EU countries to manage chatbots like ChatGPT.

The EU’s Data Protection Body has set up a task force to deal with ChatGPT cases.

It’s a move to foster collaboration between national authorities and share details of actions to rein in ChatGPT and other AI bots.

In a brief statement, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) announced the formation of the group, highlighting that it provides an opportunity to exchange information on actions by individual data protection authorities in the region.

ChatGPT Task Force at Italian Initiative

The formation of the task force follows a move by an Italian authority that earlier this month banned OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform.

The points that the Italian authority Garante has as the basis for the ban relate to allegations of violation of data rules in cases where users have been able to see the headline of conversations that others have had with the chatbot.

Subsequently, Garante has listed several user integrity requirements that must be met before the generative AI service can again be allowed in Italy.

Focus on GDPR

Earlier last week, Reuters reported that Spain’s data protection authority had asked EDPB members to discuss potential implications of ChatGPT’s integrity terms at its next meeting.

The EDPB is an autonomous body which, they argue, works to promote cooperation between European data authorities.

The primary focus is on the application of the European Union General Protection Regulation (GDPR) and consistent data protection rules across the economic bloc.

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