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Extend the Life of Your Mobile

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Extend the Life of Your Mobile
Extend the Life of Your Mobile
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It is stupid to be forced to buy a new mobile because you have not treated it properly – see how to extend the life of your mobile.

Many of us use our smartphones as a central part of our everyday lives, and although for many it can be an expensive device you run around with, few probably think about in everyday life how they can extend the life of them.

However, it is not only good for our wallets, but also for the environment to think a little about this, and it is not because you are about to radically change your life. With some simple adjustments, one can extend the life of our smartphones so that we do not have to change them so often.

Thor Gøtz, Country Manager for OnePlus, explains that they focus on innovating their products so that they can ensure that their smartphones last for everyday use for many years. The mobile users can also make a little effort and get a big gain out of it by paying little attention to how they use and treat their mobile.

If you do not know exactly what to be aware of in daily life to help extend the life of your mobile, then OnePlus has made a guide. You can see the tips below.

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Mobile

Keep most used apps open
The first piece of advice is to keep your most used apps open. Many people think that it is necessary to close apps every time you have used them to optimize the performance of your mobile.

In fact, it is better to leave them open even if they are idle, as it saves the operating system of resources and energy, extending the life of your smartphone.

Delete Old Unused Apps

The next piece of advice is to uninstall old apps. It wears down performance and requires a lot of resources to have a sea of apps installed that you rarely or never use.

Clean up your apps and remove the ones you rarely or never use so your smartphone can run more efficiently. Some phones may even tip to apps you should delete. The fewer apps you have on your mobile, the faster you can find the ones you actually need.

Battery Between 20-80%

The third piece of advice is to streamline your battery consumption – a battery can wear out if not treated properly.

Keep the charge between 20 and 80 percent to keep the battery healthy for a long time. Some phones have technologies to further optimize the battery.

Avoid Cold, Heat and Moisture

The fourth piece of advice is to keep your smartphone away from high temperatures and water. Overheating can damage the battery and significantly reduce efficiency, so keep your smartphone at temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees by avoiding putting it in direct sun and avoiding cold.

Although more and more phones are water resistant, moisture can still be harmful in the long run.

Cover and Screen Protector

The last piece of advice is to protect your smartphone with a cover and screen protector.

A cover and screen protector can protect your phone from bumps and knocks, which can otherwise lead to damage to the screen and ultimately ruin the smartphone.

Updates Also Important

OnePlus itself does not address an important element when we talk about extending the life of mobile phones – namely updates of the operating system. Here, of course, you are not in control of things, but if you want a mobile for many years, then it is important to choose a mobile that gets Android and security updates for many years.

Most top models from OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi and Motorola up to four years of Android updates and five years of security updates, while iPhone typically gets around 5 years of iOS updates.

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