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An important feature in Android 14. Happiness comes in pairs

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From the last few versions, Android allows you to operate in split-screen mode. It may not be very convenient, due to the size of the displays, but sometimes it comes in handy. Unfortunately, launching two applications always required a bit of effort – you had to run one application, turn on split screen mode, and turn on the other and only then you could start using the possibilities offered by this function. The choice of applications was limited only by them because not everyone works in split screen mode. The upcoming Android 14 is preparing a significant change in the launch of applications.

Android 14 allows split-screen app pairing

In the latest version of the Google system, users who use several applications at the same time will be able to pair applications launched in split-screen mode. From the context menu of the application, you will be able to select the “save pair of applications” option. A shortcut will then be created on the home screen, and clicking it will launch two saved apps in split-screen mode at the same time.

Phone users may not immediately appreciate the greatness of this feature, but just switch to a tablet and then it turns out to be an extremely practical feature. This will also come in handy on foldable phones like the Google Pixel Fold. Why didn’t I mention the Samsung Galaxy Z5 Fold here? Smartphones and tablets, the Korean manufacturer have had this function for several years now. Google is just catching up, and since it introduces it to the new version of the operating system, in a moment more manufacturers, and thus users will be able to take advantage of the benefits of pairing applications.

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