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This is what Google ads on steroids look like. You’ll click even if you don’t want to

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Google was late for the event with artificial intelligence, you could even get the impression that ChatGPT completely surprised him. Microsoft showing the new Bing dealt another image blow. Some time has passed, billions of dollars have been spent and Google is back with strong proposals and more and more often gives a sign of what it will use artificial intelligence for.

If anyone had doubts, I have to dispel them here – it’s about making money. Advanced language models hurt the very heart of Google’s business – revenue from ads shown in the search engine. Now, the giant at the Google Marketing Live conference showed what AI-induced ads will look like.

Google AI Ads

Google ads with artificial intelligence are expected to bring more profit.

The first nod to the creators is to be a simple tool to launch an advertising campaign on the web. It is to be based on a natural conversation with artificial intelligence, which is enough to show your website and your product so that it can generate keywords, headlines, pictures and captions to them in a simple and natural way.

All this so that the user, after entering the search phrase in the search engine, gets a perfectly tailored advertisement on the tray. The algorithms are supposed to be powerful enough to be able to dynamically change headlines to better match the search phrases and search context.

Another tool is Product Studio, thanks to which sellers can quickly and conveniently improve product photos using generative artificial intelligence. Now one product photo is enough to create several more with interesting backgrounds or present the product from a different perspective.

Google shared statistics according to which products with more than one photo have a 76% increase in views and a 32% increase in clicks compared to products that have only one promotional image. The tool is supposed to be free, so sellers will lose the cost of a product photographer.

Conversational Experience via Search Ads

I am afraid of an unavoidable future.

As an ordinary user, I will be effectively attacked with ads in a way that even marketers did not dream of. Yes, paid ads will still be marked with the appropriate inscription, but so what, if they are given in such a way that I will click on them anyway? We’ve always been just lemons to squeeze for corporations, and now they’re going to grind us up.

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