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Google-backed ChatGPT competitor Claude has launched

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Google-backed ChatGPT competitor Claude has launched
Google-backed ChatGPT competitor Claude has launched
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Google is not content with betting on its own chatbot Bard, they also have a finger in the artificial intelligence Claude that has just been launched.

Google-backed company Anthropic has launched AI assistant Claude as a competitor to the popular conversational platform ChatGPT.

This coincided with ChatGPT’s parent company, OpenAI, unveiling an upgraded language model for its products, namely GPT-4.

Claude Can Be Used for Everything

In his statement, Anthropic explained that after completing the test, it is making Claude more widely accessible, allowing the platform to perform a variety of conversational and word processing tasks via either its own interface or APIs in its developer console.

Anthropic claims that the service can help provide summaries, search, creative writing, Q&A, and coding – to name some of its capabilities. This chatbot was supposed to be more helpful, honest and harmless, the company explains, than other chatbots like GPT.

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