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Google needed 10 years to do this. An application is coming to Android that you will definitely use

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Nowadays, all Android users have access to a quick preview of the weather forecast, and the vast majority have a widget with constant updates on their home screen. However, some will be surprised and others will not that the most commonly used widget by us is provided by the phone manufacturer.

Even now, if you want to check the weather straight from Google, it requires a literal Google search for the name of the place along with the word “weather”. Now the company wants to catch up with the competition and provide a separate application for the weather.

Google will finally provide users with a full-fledged application with weather forecasts

As 9to5Google first reported, journalists decompiled a file for the latest version of the Google Clock app, in which they found a .apk file called The presumption that the file is a separate Google Weather application (or if you prefer – Google Weather) comes from the fact that last year the company separated the Google Weather application from the Google search engine in the Wear OS system, where it gave the package with the application the name

In addition, Google will draw on the experience of other application developers, because in the Clock widget itself, the function of displaying local weather was found, along with the current time. In addition, dozens of files were found in the application, which is supposed to visually improve the widget, including, animations of blizzards, heavy rain or storms.

The turbulent history of weather forecasts from Google

Let us remind you that Google has something like a weather application, but it is not an application in the full sense of the word. We will not find it in the list of installed applications (and if you have it installed, it is an application from the manufacturer of the smartphone/tablet), and we will only get access by searching for the appropriate phrase in the Google search engine. Tapping on the first result containing the forecast will take you to this “application”. Android 12 has a Google Maps widget showing the current day, weather (in the form of an icon) and temperature. The widget also acts as a shortcut to “Google Weather”.

For a while, the weather forecast was available in the Google News application, but today Google has reduced the displayed information to a weekly temperature forecast and a shortcut to – without information about humidity, wind speed, predicted atmospheric phenomena or daily temperature changes.

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