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How to choose an SEO agency according to Google

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How to choose an SEO agency according to Google
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How to choose an SEO agency? For companies looking for agency solutions, this is not only a valid question but also a question with a difficult answer.

Goals in SEO

One of the main starting points is expectations, that is, defining the objectives and goals to be achieved.

It often happens that the expectations of companies are completely misaligned with what, truly, can be expected from SEO strategies and/or campaigns.

Improved Rankings

The basis of SEO is rankings in search engines. Google is the main and most relevant as a rule.

It is to be expected that any SEO strategy will improve its organic rankings. However, don’t expect to go from a situation where you’re not ranking to a problem where you’ll be in the top position. No one can guarantee that. SEO do, be wary!

Improvements in rankings tend to be progressive. Depending on the competition, ranking in the top 3 can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

More organic traffic

There is the idea that better rankings generate more visits. Well, that may be true, but you’ll have to clearly define whether your goals are rankings or visits.

Different metrics cause SEO agencies and SEO consultants to take different strategies.

If you want more organic visits, be clear about how much you’re planning to grow each year. And remember, any SEO strategy can take up to half a year to see tangible results.

More conversions

The truth is, you can measure organic impact simply through conversions on your website. regardless of whether it improves rankings or has more visits.

If your goal is conversions from users coming from Google, be explicit about how much you expect to grow each year. Don’t ask for results every month or two months. At most, set goals every 3 months.

More links

Improving the profile of Link building will be, perhaps, the only strategy in which you can see results in a month. However, the number of links is not synonymous with results.

Be explicit about what kind of links you want. If they are links to authoritative sites, links that lead traffic to your site, links to brand awareness…

Remember: Don’t ask the agency for results you didn’t ask for. You will be jeopardizing the relationship with an SEO agency or professionals.

On the other hand, ensure that the links obtained by the agency are natural and not part of PBNs that can bring you a penalty from Google or simply disappear the day you end the contract with the agency.

More SEO content

If your strategy is to have more content and you want to bet on Content Marketing, then define whether you want more content or better content.

What are your goals? Generate more visits to the blog? Generate more visits to your products?

Defining the content you need helps you set goals and objectives. If you want to build SEO campaigns the objectives (and the strategy adopted) will be different from those set for an informative content strategy (usually more upper funnel).

Online Reputation Management

Sometimes there is also the need to hire an agency to manage the online reputation of your brand or something related to your company.

In these cases, the objectives tend to be quite clear (that the pages currently ranking move to the second or third page of Google), but their implementation is much more complex.

In fact, it may sometimes be necessary to use more aggressive techniques to achieve this.

In these cases, be sure that the SEO agency you are contacting has already chosen and executed this type of project in the past.

More App Downloads

The demand for ASO specialists has grown as the online business has shifted from desktop to mobile and from mobile to apps. It is not yet widespread for the unique services of optimization of App Stores in SEO, but it is possible that the future will change this logic.

The optimization of the Google Play Store or Apple App Store is increasingly necessary. Especially for companies that invest so much in applications. Having a constant optimization strategy is key to continuing to grow the number of downloads.

Tips for Choosing SEO Agencies

It is always difficult to choose an SEO agency, especially because you will have to spend at least three months waiting for results without being sure that they arrive. But there are some tips for choosing SEO agencies.

  1. Choose an agency that works with large companies/clients. Usually, this is a sign that these agencies or consultants have some credibility;
  2. Asking for examples of SEO campaigns and results achieved in the past is always a good method to measure the quality of work;
  3. Be wary whenever any agency or consultant guarantees you: a) 1# Google position, b) Results in a month;
  4. We advise against any agency or sound provider whose first technique you present is related to links – unless that’s really what you need.
  5. Always trust the agencies that give you a personalized report on your goals. If the reports are standard and don’t clearly show you your KPIs you’ll never know if you’re really justifying the investment or not.

SEO Agency – Prices:

The prices of SEO agencies differ greatly depending on their objectives. The more challenging your goals are, the more you will pay.

The fair price always depends on the gains you will have. But even the cheapest agency can come out as the most expensive agency. The same applies to SEO consultants.

Paying little can be a sign that you will get little in return. Choosing an SEO agency simply for the (cheap) price can be very expensive especially if it fails to achieve any of its objectives.

When setting your goals, think about whether those earnings cover the consultant/agency expenses; and, preferably, it still gives you room for growth.

Negative results

If you’re working with an agency or consultant and you’re having negative results, that clearly doesn’t mean you’ve made a bad bet.

Sometimes there is a drop in organic traffic due to factors external to the work of professionals. Listen carefully to what the agency communicates to you and draw your conclusions.

Google updates can cause the agency to fail to meet its goals. But as a client, you have to think: what would my results be in the face of this crisis if I wasn’t working with them?

If you think you would be worse, then value and support the work of the professionals who work for you. Give a word of confidence. They are the first to get frustrated that they don’t deliver the expected results.

How to hire an SEO?

When hiring an SEO agency or any other SEO professional there are some points to take into consideration.

You’ve invested time and money in creating a great website. But your fancy website may not go beyond a cash deposit if it doesn’t become a revenue generator for your business.

The website needs to generate a steady stream of qualified traffic, people who are looking for the type of solution that your website/business offers.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), organically bringing your website to the top of the search results for relevant keywords.

The SEO process involves many moving parts, some of which are technical, so companies that take Google’s performance seriously often hire an SEO professional or an agency.

But how do you choose? The field of SEO is so wide that it can be confusing and difficult to choose a company to trust your business with.

While a good SEO company can improve your site’s rankings and provide more traffic and potential customers, improper SEO practices can actually worsen your performance, causing huge damage to your results.

The industry and SEO tactics evolve at a rapid pace. You also want to ensure that you’re only paying for work that will make a positive impact, not for outdated or ineffective strategies.

To get answers on how to choose an SEO agency, Google has made available a video with some very interesting tips and advice.

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