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Google may delete your account. They just gave you what you have to do not to lose him

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So far, Google has not applied “final” actions to users who have not used its services for some time. An account created years ago may have remained inactive without consequences. In 2020, a change was made to the regulations, according to which only his data was deleted for inactive accounts, so as to save on cloud space.

Google will delete the inactive account. After two years.

The Mountain View tech giant has decided to go a step further on the issue of inactive accounts. They announced that old unused accounts, on which there was no activity (even a simple login) for at least two years, will be deleted along with the content.

This means that all items — email addresses, Gmail messages, Calendar events, Drive files, any Docs, and Photos — will be deleted after two years of inactivity. Fortunately, Google does not plan to remove inactive accounts on which YouTube videos are uploaded – there are films on this platform considered by many to be “classics” of the Internet.

As it turns out, the new account deletion policy will come into force this year, but at the earliest in December 2023. Of course, if such an account is to be deleted, Google will send a notification of such intention in advance, both to the email address assigned to the account and to the secondary one.

It is worth noting that the deletion will take place in stages and initially accounts that were created and then never used are to be deleted.

What is considered an activity?

This change only affects personal Google Accounts – business and school profiles will not be taken into account here. If we use our account – we are logged in to an Android smartphone, then in fact our account is already active. Watching YouTube videos, using Google Search, and other actions maintain your active account status.

If we actively use Google applications/services, we should not worry about anything.

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