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Download and check iOS 17 now for free. But be careful

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Is anyone interested in an early version of iOS 17, iPadOS 17 or macOS Sonoma? Is a version so early that you can download it now? If so, we have good news – you can do it completely free, without having to pay for such a possibility.

Download iOS 17 now! Developer Beta for everyone

So far, the situation was as follows: Apple released new software in three phases. First, developers from the Apple Developer Program have released an early beta. Access to this program was $99 per year.

Then, after a few weeks/months, anyone who wanted to test the new features could do so by joining the beta program. And in the end, everyone received a revised version of the system.

Where are we now? At the beginning of the cycle, where only developers have access to the latest versions of iOS 17 (and iPadOS 17 and macOS Senoma).

However, Apple has done one thing: now anyone can download the developer beta. So anyone can become a developer for free. No need to pay, just log in with your Apple ID, according to MacRumors:

If you paid $99 a few days ago for access… Sorry.

To access everything, go to the page – there Apple will guide you through the whole process.

All in all, if you want access to iOS 17, you can do it!

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Beta is beta – this is not the final version of the software.

This will not be a perfect version of iOS 17. There are still four months left until its official release, so there is still time needed to refine and remove bugs. You may encounter many bugs, problems and incompatibilities with third-party applications. It won’t be a perfect experience, I can guarantee you.

If you decide to install the beta of the latest Apple system – great, it’s nice that you want to play in front of others. But there are a few important things you need to keep in mind before installing and using the unfinished version of the software.

If you start having problems with the functioning of the phone, it may be the fault of the beta. The battery may drain quickly (exaggerating a bit). This software can also be responsible for this.

If you are ready for this risk – you’re welcome to install it. If not, wait a little longer, because you’ll still get iOS 17 for the fall. Of course, if you have devices that will receive this update.

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