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Meta’s anti-Twitter will be called Threads and the Dalai Lama likes it

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Meta's anti-Twitter will be called Threads and the Dalai Lama likes it
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The Dalai Lama will not have to wait much longer to fulfill his wishes by escaping from Twitter, because the alternative of Meta is now ready: the general fugitive from the social twitter exploded when Elon Musk bought the company, and between those who moved to Mastodon and those who preferred to land on Bluesky , there are also public figures such as the supreme master of Tibetan Buddhism who are anxiously waiting to move accounts and followers (almost 19 million, in his case) to the anti-Twitter that Meta would be about to launch.

The near-certainty that exists exists we have from 22-23 May, when the rumors about a microblogging platform branded Meta have become more concrete through a series of images leaked on the net. Now, according to the latest news collected by The Verge, it would not be long before the arrival.

In fact, it is believed that the coding has already begun and that the app, according to information released internally by Chris Cox, chief product officer of Meta, will arrive “as soon as possible”. Other details about what is known internally as Project 92 would have emerged during a meeting between executives and some employees that took place a few hours ago, in which Cox himself would have clearly defined the new social as “Meta’s answer to Twitter”.

The works would have undergone a clear acceleration just when the acquisition of Elon Musk triggered the escape from Twitter, with the intent therefore to capture that ever-growing slice of users who are looking for alternatives where they can resume their lives online.

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