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Microsoft disables Cortana in Windows. It’s sad to see

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Later this year, Cortana will be disconnected from Windows. The service was supposed to conquer the world and, it must be admitted, had many predispositions for it.

Cortana, modelled on the model of characters from the cult Halo video games, was characterized by very high speech recognition efficiency, significantly higher than the competition at one time. It offered rich functionality and a high degree of privacy protection and control over the collected data.

Unfortunately, she was the default assistant on the platform, which hardly anyone wanted to use. On Windows Phone and later Windows 10 Mobile.

Nobody wanted to buy Windows phones, so no one had access to Cortana. Microsoft tried for some time to save its service, offering it on other phones and in the PC version – but these shipments also failed. Ultimately, it was decided to sell the technology responsible for Cortana to partners. The role of the assistant itself has been reduced to a fictitious help system for Windows and Microsoft 365 users in selected countries. Poles will not live to see even this.

Two years ago, Microsoft disabled Cortana on Android and iOS devices. Now he has announced that he will also disable it in Windows. The company does not give an exact date, only informing that it will take place later this year. Cortana will still be available as a voice assistant in Microsoft 365 apps, at least for some time. And probably never again for Polish users.

The news about Cortana fading is hardly surprising, the service has been basically dead for a long time and does not seem to be developed. However, this does not mean that Windows will be deprived of a digital intelligent assistant.

On the contrary, this one is being built – and for a change, it will support the language Polish. It is about Windows Copilot, based on the Large Language Model and AI technologies from OpenAI and Microsoft. It should offer incomparably more functionality than Cortana and appear on users’ computers later this year.

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