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Microsoft Edge will make you anonymous on the web. Free, but with limitations

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Over a year ago, it was reported that Microsoft was testing a built-in VPN feature (or something that resembles it) in its Edge browser. The initial tests are long behind us and it seems that the feature may soon hit our browsers because Microsoft has most likely chosen a range of anonymous browsing data that will be offered to the user for free.

Microsoft Edge with built-in VPN. It’s a way to browse the web anonymously

As it turns out, Microsoft has been working for a long time together with Cloudflare on a VPN service that will go to the official version of the Edge browser. For now, the function remains in the test release of the software, but it seems that the public premiere of the solution may be around the corner.

Why? The “Secure Network” feature available in Edge Canary, until a year ago, offered only 1 GB of anonymous web browsing data, and Microsoft was also testing the possibility of using 15 GB for free use. And it seems that based on previous data, the company has chosen the value of free VPN data for the Edge browser.

edge builtin vpn 5 gb
Source: Leopava64-2 | Reddit

Reddit user Leopava64-2 noted that Secure Network now provides 5GB of data for free VPN use per month. And that’s much more than a basic 1 GB. Looking at the fact that the function available in Edge is not intended to change geolocation – for example, watching Netflix movies available in the United States, but ensuring security on the web, this value should be enough.

A built-in VPN browser is all the benefits. And it’s free at all

VPN in the form of a Secure Network is a similar solution to the built-in VPN service in the Opera browser. Although the one on paper is much more advanced – firstly, there are no data limits in the free package and secondly, it allows you to change geolocation – up to three servers for free.

However, it is the users of the Edge browser, who use Microsoft software on a daily basis, who should appreciate such a feature. Using a VPN has a lot of advantages – above all, anonymity on the web, which is important for many users. Such software hides network traffic from Internet provider, redirecting our traffic to a server that may also be good in another country or even continent.

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