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How Microsoft will implement ChatGPT in Office

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Microsoft will implement ChatGPT
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Microsoft is reportedly getting ready to test its ChatGPT-like AI in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Here’s what we know so far.

Not long ago, Microsoft announced ChatGPT in Bing and Edge, and now it plans to use the same technology in its Office applications to make them more powerful and user-friendly.

The first interesting question to ask yourself is about when Microsoft will be ready with AI in the Office apps.

Testing ChatGPT in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

According to sources contacted by The Verge, Microsoft is getting ready to test the capabilities AI technology in its Prometheus Model and OpenAI language can offer in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps.

Those tests should be able to begin as early as March 2023.

The main reason why Microsoft wants to integrate AI into its Office applications is a desire to stay ahead of competitors such as Google. Arguably, part of the reason is also that Microsoft wants to make its productivity apps more efficient and user-friendly.

By integrating AI, for example, you can type in a more efficient way, get more accurate information in searches, and more easily create graphs and summaries.

How will AI work in Office?

Microsoft has not yet come up with information about how the AI will work in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, but according to The Verge, Microsoft would like the AI technology to draw graphs and other graphics in PowerPoint and Excel.

In addition, the AI may be used to type text in Word based on simple descriptions, and perhaps even suggest replies to emails or improve search results in Outlook.

ChatGPT in Bing and Edge

We must also bear in mind that Microsoft recently launched Bing with ChatGPT sounding capabilities. Thanks to the Prometheus model, it can create conversational responses to searches. The model is built using OpenAI.

Microsoft has additionally introduced a new Edge browser with built-in AI that also works using Prometheus. It’s a bit like having ChatGPT right in your browser.

Prometheus builds on OpenAI

Microsoft’s new AI is similar to ChatGPT in that it is also a language AI technology developed through OpenAI. The Prometheus model, built with OpenAI, is the foundation for Microsoft’s new AI.

The model has completely transformed Bing’s web searches, so it makes sense for Microsoft to test and integrate the technology into its productivity apps.

Keeping an eye on Google’s competitor Bard

When it comes to competitors, there is no doubt that Microsoft is keeping a close eye on Google Bard and the competition they will face in the chatbot space.

Bard was launched a few days ago, but the launch was not successful, and Google has been criticized for speeding up the launch – even Google employees have been tearing and saying that Google should have waited for the launch. Immediately after the launch of Bard, Google’s value dropped by $ 100 billion.

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