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Microsoft will automatically install the Windows update for you. Even if you don’t want to

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Microsoft did not give users a choice about upgrading to KB5026446, which was supposed to be optional. That is, it is the user who decides whether he wants to install it.

Microsoft is forcing an optional update to Windows 11. This one causes problems.

As reported by Windows Latest, Windows 11 Moment 3 causes numerous cases of spontaneous installation of the KB5026446 update, which was supposed to be optional. This happens when you check for updates in Windows Update.

Interestingly, if the upgrade process is interrupted, the service will still offer an update, only then it will actually be optional. In Windows Update, there will be a “download and install” button, which gives the user the opportunity to choose. Otherwise, the new “optional” version will be introduced automatically.

This release is not without its bugs. The update is supposed to cause problems with the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass, and users in the Feedback Hub report that applications have a problem with the launch. There were even cases that the system crashed completely. One solution was to uninstall the update.

How do I uninstall an unwanted optional update?

If the problems do not occur on your Windows 11 hardware with version KB5026446 – that’s good. However, if there are any, you can always uninstall the update. Just go to Windows Update, where you will find the update history, and at the very bottom of the page you will find the option: “Uninstall updates”.

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