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It began. Netflix already blocks access to the account: “This TV is not assigned to the household”

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Netflix announced in the second half of May that it intends to introduce additional fees for people outside the household who use the same account. In other words, if you don’t live together, you’ll have to pay to share an account (and most likely a subscription as well).

Is it a lot? The basic plan is $9.99 a month, but more than the ad-supported plan, which is $6.99 a month. Standard plans cost $15.49 a month and premium plans cost $19.99 a month if you are sharing your account then you have to pay an additional $7.99 for such sharing. In total, Netflix is introducing these fees in 103 countries.

But is it just such a bogeyman? Or just trying to scare people into taking advantage of the full package and forgetting about the whole thing? Well, not exactly.

Netflix blocks access to accounts

Screenshots appeared on Twitter informing users that they cannot use their current account. Why? Because:

This TV is not part of your Netflix household

The message encourages us to create a new account on the platform and “start using it today”. Of course, after paying the subscription.

Users who see this message have three options: the first is to create a new account, and you will read about the third in a moment. But the second option is interesting because it allows you to “update the Netflix household”. What is this whole household all about?

According to the guidelines for using the account within one household, we learn that it is about people living at the same address, and the platform will check it, using IP addresses, to make sure that, for example, our uncle living 10 km from us does not use our account for free:

A Netflix account can be used by people who live in the same household. People outside your household must create their own account to use Netflix.

– says Netflix

Alternatively, you can update the household – which is also possible. Netflix describes the entire procedure for updating or changing this household on its website.

What if just two people want to use the same account in two locations? Then the option is to buy an additional slot for $7.99.

Is there any way around this?

Internet users report that when such a screen appears, you can still temporarily use Netflix. Just select the “I’m travelling” option, which makes sense – if we want to watch movies on our Netflix account during a business trip, why not? Some say they will travel “constantly” outside the household.

Netflix informs that there is an option to use it normally outside the place of residence. The subscriber must use their portable device to unlock watching the TV in the location they are visiting, such as a second home, workplace, family member’s home, or friend’s home.

The platform instructs us that in order to have access outside the home, the subscriber must run the application on his mobile device at home at least once a month. You can then run the app elsewhere when you connect your device to the Internet.

Are you ready to pay $7.99 extra for Netflix?

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