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You can find your new job on Twitter. Elon Musk is preparing changes

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When it comes to looking for a job online, LinkedIn should come to mind. This is by far the most popular platform that is aimed in this direction.

However, since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the tweeter has changed every month – gained features from YouTube and Messenger. Now, a new job feature Twitter Hire is coming to the social network.

On Twitter, you will find your new job, almost like on LinkedIn. Elon Musk is working on Twitter Hiring

Twitter employees have not yet officially announced this solution, but there is an account available on the service called TwitterHiring, which was created this month. He has just over 5000 followers, but we know that this is the official profile of Elon Musk’s website, because next to the name he has two stamps confirming account verification.

Work Week CEO Adama Ryan published a post on his wall that confirmed that they have received job posting features on the company’s profile. He even uploaded a screenshot of how the function presents itself – just below the counter of watchers and followers there are job offers for specific positions.

This is part of the Twitter Hire feature, which is supposed to allow you to post up to five offers visible to all users visiting the company’s profile. Importantly, to use it, the organization must obtain Twitter verification, but the solution can be used completely free. But the subscription to Verified Organizations for companies and organizations costs 1000 dollars.

Of course, the solution will not replace LinkedIn. However, if it goes to companies, Twitter will be another place where you will be able to find job offers.

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