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Now you can talk to Bing AI on Windows

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Now you can talk to Bing AI on Windows
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Microsoft introduced voice support for Bing AI on Edge for PC, leveraging OpenAI’s advanced technology, called GPT-4. Yes, now you can talk and listen to the AI engine even on desktop. The choice is due to the popularity of the feature on mobile.

Initially, this feature was only available in the Bing AI chatbot mobile app, but now it has been extended to the desktop version as well. Just tap the microphone icon in the Bing chat box to start conversing with the AI-powered chatbot.

Currently, this feature supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin, but Microsoft has announced that more languages will be added soon. In addition to being able to ask Bing questions simply by speaking, the chatbot can also respond using text-to-speech, so as to interact with the user with its own voice. To test this new feature, Microsoft suggested asking Bing Chat for the hardest tongue twister. Try to hear the answer.

As pointed out by The Verge, Microsoft introduced voice support for Bing Chat on desktop shortly after announcing the elimination of Cortana’s standalone app for Windows, which acted as a voice assistant.

In the statement, Microsoft highlighted that users will still have access to “powerful productivity features in Windows and Edge, which offer advanced artificial intelligence features”. In particular, Bing Chat and Microsoft 365 Copilot were mentioned, the latter equipped with artificial intelligence to generate content within the company’s apps.

Recall that Bing AI is also available for Italian users, although at the moment it is only possible to use it by downloading Edge, both on Mac and PC. All the news that talk about Artificial Intelligence are available from this page of macitynet.

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