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One Plus Pad Test: Necessary Breath of Fresh Air in The Tablet Market

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One Plus Pad Test
One Plus Pad Test
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Tablet users have finally got an excellent alternative to the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab – OnePlus Pad is a really interesting tablet. Read test and see price.

OnePlus has launched their first tablet, OnePlus Pad, and we have had the opportunity to test it. Is the OnePlus Pad a good buy and can it measure up to Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab? Testing the OnePlus Pad.

The tablet market has been dominated by Apple and Samsung for a long time, and it has long been quiet on the innovation side. That’s why it was exciting when OnePlus announced their entry into the tablet market. Finally, a manufacturer came along who dared to challenge the two giants.

Now we have had the OnePlus Pad in our hands and we must say that we are impressed.

One Plus Pad Test 1

Price of One Plus Pad

OnePlus Pad has a suggested price of $600.

Design and Quality

Many Android tablets feel cheap, plastic-like and have a slightly indifferent design approach. However, this does not apply to the OnePlus Pad.

The OnePlus Pad has a solid and thoughtful construction that oozes quality. It has an aluminum frame and back and a very comfortable design. The tablet is also comfortable to hold, thanks to the rounded sides.

One Plus Pad Test4

Display, Performance and Sound

A tablet is typically used for web browsing, gaming, and entertainment, which is why screen quality, performance, and sound are important factors.

The OnePlus Pad has an 11,6-inch screen with a resolution of 2000 x 2800 pixels and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Although it is not an AMOLED display, it is still nice and provides a good visual experience.

With a Mediatek Dimensity 9000 chipset, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, the OnePlus Pad delivers fast and fluid performance. It handles multitasking easily and is ideal for games and movies. The sound quality is also good, but there are tablets with better built-in speakers.

Battery and Charging

Battery life is important for a tablet that’s typically in the home and used for tasks that require a lot of power. The OnePlus Pad has a large 9,510mAh battery that can deliver up to 14.5 hours of video playback and a month of standby time. It’s impressive.

The tablet can also be charged quickly with up to 67 watts. It takes about an hour to charge it from 0-85 percent with a quick charger. It is significantly faster than the competition.

One Plus Pad Test56

Software and Features

OnePlus Pad runs on Android 13 with OnePlus’ own interface, OxygenOS. OxygenOS is fast, simple, and user-friendly. It also makes good use of the tablet format, with features like the ability to have two apps open simultaneously.

However, the challenge for Android tablets is still to find apps optimized for tablet viewing. Although it has improved, there is still a long way to go before Android tablets can challenge the iPad.


Basically, OnePlus Pad is super good and interesting alternative to especially Samsung Galaxy Tab. Whether it can match the iPad is probably mostly about one’s use of tablet. If you use your tablet as a work tool, then there are several useful apps for iPad, but if you already use an Android tablet for work or study and are satisfied with it, then OnePlus Pad of course also provides a good experience.

OnePlus Pad is a real breath of fresh air in the tablet market with really high quality and ease of use.

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