Corrections Policy

Alpha Web Guide (AWB) makes an effort to guarantee that any inaccuracies in our material are remedied swiftly and with full transparency. AWB also asks its readers to tell the editorial staff of any inaccuracies they discover in any of the published articles.

Any article that is discovered to contain a mistake, spelling or grammatical error, must be quickly updated by a member of the staff. There is no necessity to write a correction note in such circumstances; the article would instead have an auto-generated statement at the top noting it was edited at the given date and hour.

If an article contains a major inaccuracy with regard to any of the facts, figures or quotations referenced within, it should be quickly rectified by a member of the staff followed by the insertion of a correction note at the conclusion of the piece. The correction notice should read thus: “An earlier version of the article erroneously stated that _. The same has been rectified on [Date, Time].”