Ethics Policy

Factual accuracy

Every word in every Alpha Web Guide(AWB) article must be 100% factually true. Consideration must be made to ensure that no aspect of any story is biased, misunderstood or otherwise distorted in such a manner that it impacts the understanding of the content.

Names, numerical values, dates and other similar details ought to be reconstructed to the letter, with no space for alteration of any type.

News sources

For news gained exclusively by an AWB writer, the same must be explicitly mentioned using a statement such as ‘as revealed to Alpha Web Guide’ or ‘in an exclusive interview with Alpha Web Guide’.

For news retrieved from other sources, the website that first published the article must inevitably be hyperlinked above the relevant language. In case of news obtained from a newspaper that doesn’t have a digital presence, the name of the publication has to be stated as the source.

An anonymous source may be utilised only with prior agreement from the Managing Editor or the Content Head. In such circumstances, care must be taken that the source is entirely credible and capable of being called upon inquiry or examination.

Editorial review

An article may be published on AWB following a comprehensive editorial review procedure. The review has to be carried out by the specialist editorial staff, verifying for factual correctness, language, visuals, external embeds and any additional important aspects.


AWB has a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism. Any article that is discovered to include any element of it plagiarized, will be pulled down immediately. The offending writer in all such circumstances will risk an immediate and permanent account ban.


Any quotation included in any AWB article has to be appropriately credited to the initial source. A quotation must be copied in its original form, with no alteration of any sort other than punctuation or spelling fixes if needed.


AWB attempts to guarantee that any inaccuracies in our material are remedied swiftly and with full transparency. AWB also urges its viewers to alert the editorial staff for any inaccuracies they discover in any of the articles.

Any article that includes a mistake, spelling or grammatical error, should be rectified by a member of the team. There is no necessity to provide a correction note in such circumstances; the article would carry a line at the top noting it was amended at the given date and hour.

If an article contains a major inaccuracy with regard to any of the facts, figures or quotations stated within, the correction shall be done by a member of the staff followed by the insertion of a correction note at the conclusion of the piece. The correction notice ought to read thus: “An earlier version of the article erroneously stated that _. The same has been rectified on [Date, Time] .”


AWB believes in the idea of equality and aims to guarantee that it is represented in all of its material. No aspect of any AWB article should discriminate against anybody on the basis of race, religion, sex, caste, nationality, orientation, political leaning or any other personal attribute.

Any AWB article that is discovered to encourage inequality or hate of any type will be taken down, with corresponding consequences for the writer.

Inappropriate language or visuals

Sportskeeda tries to guarantee that its information is digestible by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Inappropriate or distressing language, photos or videos are to be avoided unless absolutely required for the portrayal of the tale. If at all such words or visuals are used, an adequate warning must be provided to the reader in advance.

Sponsored or promotional content

No AWB article shall promote any external agency, organization or website (by means of links, mentions or any other method) unless expressly permitted by the sales team in consultation with the Managing Editor. All such examples of promotional or sponsored material must be expressly labelled as such.

Social media

All of AWB’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) must inevitably comply with the company’s regulations and content requirements. No social media post by AWB will include information or graphics that are in any manner erroneous, inappropriate or otherwise offensive.

AWB is against clickbait of any type. Any published post judged as such will be taken down immediately, with corresponding punishments for the post-maker.

Editorial staff responsibilities

AWB’s editorial crew is required to maintain the greatest journalistic standards at all times, both in a professional and individual capacity.

All information published on the website or the social media accounts must be fair and just, with every side of the story being given proper attention. The obligation of making certain that AWB’s material is error-free and bias-free falls with its editorial team.

The members of the editorial staff are also required to adhere to the ideals of the organization in their unofficial transactions, including but not limited to their corporate interests, social network presence and public appearances.