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Snapchat provides several parental control options

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Snapchat provides several parental control options
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SnapChat gives parents better opportunities to understand what type of content their kids can access on Snapchat.

Snap is rolling out Content Controls, a new Family Center feature that lets parents set limits on what content their teens can see in Snapchat Stories and Spotlight.

In addition, Snapchat, the company behind Snapchat, is releasing for the first time the content guidelines applicable to media companies and creators and the requirements for public content to achieve wide distribution on Snapchat.

Last year, Snap launched Family Center on Snapchat to give parents a way to gain insight into who their teens are communicating with on Snapchat.

Snap also shared plans to add more tools over time to help parents tailor their teen’s experiences to their individual needs. The first major update to Family Center, Content Controls, is rolling out now.

Parents get with content management on SnapChat

Snap’s new content controls in Family Center allow parents to filter out content from media companies or creators that may have been identified as sensitive or as trying to manipulate users in a particular direction in Stories or Spotlight.

To enable the content control feature, parents must have already set up a Snapchat Family Center with their teen.

Snap is also working to add more tools to the Family Center around My AI, Snap’s experimental chatbot that will give parents more visibility and control over their teens’ use of My AI.

More information about this will be announced later, Snap said.

While the Community Guidelines define what content and behavior is strictly prohibited on Snapchat, Snap sets an even higher limit on the public content that can be recommended in Stories or Spotlight.

Make guidelines public

For the first time, Snap is now publishing its guidelines for content from partners and creators that appear in Stories or Spotlight.

These guidelines cover, among other things, content that is prohibited in accordance with the Community Guidelines. They also include content that’s eligible and recommended in Stories or Spotlight, which means content can gain additional reach

There are also guidelines for content deemed sensitive that can be restricted using Snapschat’s new content controls

Snap has always shared these guidelines with media partners and Snap Stars, but now these guidelines will also become public for anyone to read. Snap is doing this to provide greater transparency about what standards apply, it said in a letter sent to the editorial board.

Snapchat consists partly of a content platform where content creators, Snap Stars and more than 900 media partners provide news, entertainment, sports and more.

Then there’s Spotlight, an entertainment platform where Snapchat users can watch fun and creative content from members of the Snapchat community.

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