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Soon you can talk to Google’s AI bot

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Soon you can talk to Google's AI bot
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Google’s AI bot Bard will soon be implemented in Search and Chrome — it could have more impact than the combination of ChatGPT and Bing.

Following Microsoft’s launch of a number of AI-based features in the company’s search engine Bing, Google is trying to keep up the same pace and has recently presented a version of ChatGPT of its own named Bard.

It wasn’t a smooth launch, but according to Sandar Pichai, CEO of Google, Google has quickly implemented a wide range of improvements.

Search and Chrome get AI-based Chatbots

The theme behind Google’s search engine, for example, works with a conversational feature similar to ChatGPT. In an interview, Pichai told details like users will be able to have a conversation with an LLM-based bot.

Google’s boss sees the development of search engines with chatbots, whether written or spoken, as a great opportunity rather than a threat. And given that Google holds more than 93 percent of the search engine market, the upcoming feature is likely to have more impact than the combination of ChatGPT and Bing.

That is, if it works properly. Pichai didn’t have any details on the schedule for it all, but it probably won’t be long before anything happens, presumably at the Google developer conference I/O, which takes place on May 10.

Bard started by costing Google $100 billion in value

Google is certainly hoping for a warmer reception of the company’s experiments with AI-based chatbots.

When they launched Bard, several flaws in the chatbot were revealed, and it shaved approximately $100 billion off Google’s market value.

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