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Starlink Mobility: Stay Connected Virtually Anywhere in The World

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Starlink Mobility: Stay connected virtually anywhere in the world
Starlink Mobility: Stay connected virtually anywhere in the world
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Starlink Mobility is an internet solution where you can get online virtually anywhere in the world via satellites.

There’s good news for all those who are often out on a travelling foot in one way or another because Elon Musk recently announced that Starlink, SpaceX’s space-based internet service, can now be used almost anywhere on Earth.

With the launch of Starlink Mobility, customers can stay connected on the move thanks to an expanded receiver and improved GPS that connects to a constellation of over 4,000 satellites circulating around the Earth at low altitudes.

Internet Worldwide

Musk has written on Twitter that Starlink Mobility works “almost everywhere on Earth,” including desolate areas like deserts and in the middle of the oceans.

The first users to test this groundbreaking service are a series of school buses in Arizona, allowing students to stay connected and do homework during their daily commute to and from school.

For Businesses and The Public Sector

SpaceX sees Starlink Mobility as the perfect choice for mobile businesses and the public sector such as trucking, buses, shuttles and emergency vehicles.

For a monthly fee of $250 and a one-time cost of equipment of $2,500, subscribers get network prioritization during peak hours, ensuring that important bodies such as emergency services do not lose their connection. The price also indicates that it is not a solution for private users.

Starlink’s satellite dish, an advanced version of the standard hardware, can be permanently installed on vehicles, providing lightning-fast download speeds of up to 220 Mbit/s.

Banned in Some Countries

SpaceX boasted global coverage as early as last year, an impressive feat after four years of satellite launches. However, some countries such as China and Iran have still restricted Starlink’s service within their borders.

Russia is also not bothered with Starlink, which has secured internet to Ukraine since the country was invaded by the Russians. This has had a major impact on communications in Ukraine.

However, SpaceX has big plans to offer satellite-to-mobile connectivity in the future, which could eliminate the need for additional hardware.

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