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Stream games – how to do it? Here are the three best ways

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How do I stream games? The task is really uncomplicated because today’s software allows you to perform this task with just a few clicks. Of course, we also have more advanced software at our disposal, but to start with basic knowledge of where to look for the right options.

This is a guide for beginners who just want to start their adventure with streaming. We do not discuss hardware issues (choosing the right microphones or cameras) or the right choice of settings, but we focus only on applications that will allow you to easily stream games to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

Also, if you want to set up your own channel to stream games, or just want your friends to follow you live, take a look at the tips below – and in minutes you’ll be ready for action.

Stream games – how to do it?

Here are three ways to stream games – using graphics card software, specialized software for streamers, and video grabber apps.

Method #1 – Using Graphics Card Software

You will find game streaming options in both AMD Adrenaline, NVIDIA GeForce Experience and Intel ArcControl driver software. We will show this in the example of software for NVIDIA GeForce cards.

Streaming options for geforce experience

After launching the GeForce Experience panel, we have three basic options to choose from – Instant Replay (background recording), Record (regular recording to a file) and Live broadcasting, i.e. streaming. For GeForce Experience, the default keyboard shortcut for streaming is Alt+F8.

After clicking on the option and selecting the settings, we can decide where we want to stream (Facebook, Twitch or YouTube), with what resolution, frame rate or quality. Values vary due to platform selection. We can also use custom image overlays. Once all the settings are established, we can save them.

option to select platform to stream in geforce experience

After clicking the start of streaming (or selecting the keyboard shortcut), you still need to log in to the selected service and give your stream a name. And that’s really it.

Method #2 – using specialized streaming software

One of the most popular apps for streamers is OBS – available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The application is advanced, but at the same time uncomplicated to use for beginners.

After downloading the program and installing it, select the optimization options for streaming – the program will detect the appropriate settings for your hardware by itself.

Fw7m0pvQ image

Decide what platform you want to broadcast to, and the choice is quite large.

c8GBQMTR image

After choosing the right platform, you will have to log in there and grant access to the OBS application.

OjewIWJX image

After completing the configuration, the settings are displayed – if something does not suit you do not worry, you can change it at any time.

vZJFnmbZ image

When you go to the main program window, select the image source.


You can capture really different things, but I’m assuming that since you’re here, you’re interested in game streaming.

Z21thod8 image

Choose the mode and capture window – you can already do this when the game is running. Then click Manage Stream to name your stream and other details, among other things. After that, you’re ready to start streaming your game (Start Stream option).

tD3mWoyo image

Once you know how to make a basic stream, you can dig deeper into the options – broadcast your webcam image and sound at the same time, or choose more suitable video codecs.

czlx8fP7 image

Method #3 – Using Video Grabber Software

If you have two computers, and one will be used for gaming and the other for streaming, then you will need an image capture device, called a video grabber. Software for these devices usually includes numerous options for streamers, the best example of which is the RECentral application for video grabbers from Avermedia.

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