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The Main Problems of Chat GPT

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The Main Problems of Chat GPT
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Tech leaders around the world believe AI bots should be regulated and development paused – here are some of the worst problems with ChatGPT-4, among others.

The debate about CPT-4 and artificial intelligence in general is at boiling point, and many in the tech industry believe that the development of AI is getting out of hand. At the end of March, over 1,000 CEOs and significant figures in the tech industry signed a document asking AI developers to pause development as more control and control is needed from the authorities, as no one knows where the development will end.

At the same time, there are growing fears that AI will take over millions of jobs worldwide, and many fear for their jobs, up to 300 million, according to figures from Goldman Sachs.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing now has built-in GPT-4, which is the base for ChatGPT.

Chatbots Are Highly Biased Geographically, Linguistically, and Demographically

The big problem is that it is totally biased geographically, linguistically and demographically, and it is difficult to figure out whether tips for buying something come from a paid source. There is simply a lack of transparency, and chatbots are also often caught delivering answers from blatantly fake news sources.

Although search engines also provide ad answers, you also get nuanced answers from ten different sources. The problem with chatbots is that they can only provide answers based on the information they have been fed, and you cannot trust that the information you get is trustworthy and correct.

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