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TikTok has its chatbot. What can Tako do?

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The craze for chatbots “powered” by artificial intelligence continues. Microsoft has Bing Chat, Google Bard, and ChatGPT shines triumphs. Is there a place for TikTok?

You don’t have to worry about the Chinese giant because it has just started testing its answer on ChatGPT.

TikTok is testing Tako. It will tell you what to watch next

According to, which had access to testing the new TikTok feature, some users in the Philippines began to see a new icon on the right side of the app’s interface, located above the user’s profile and other buttons on the homepage.

After clicking on the Tako icon, users can ask him various questions about the movies:

tiktok tako test 584x1000 1
Source: Watchful AI

What answers can I get? There are several options. Standard text works similarly to ChatGPT. The bot can also recommend videos on the platform.

watchful tiktok 1 768x774 1
Source: Watchful AI

This makes sense since the algorithm mainly decides what we will see next on TikTok, considering our preferences. So why shouldn’t the chatbot offer us more videos? From what has been noticed, Tako is supposed to be our helper in the world of short films, which encourages us to watch… more of them.

Won’t Tako appear in the youngest?

The first time we run Tako, we receive a message – which we must accept in order to use it – informing us that the chatbot is in the early experimental testing phase and its answers may “be false or inaccurate”, so we should not rely on it for health, legal or financial matters.

TikTok TACO2 548x1024 1 535x1000 1
Source: Watchful AI

In addition, it can be predicted that a platform that seeks to impose restrictions on young people’s use will only make Tako available to older users.

TikTok translates: these are early tests.

TikTok’s official Twitter account has clarified some details about Tako’s new chatbot. First of all – the tests are official and limited to a small group of users. It is designed to help you find and discover content on the platform.

The most exciting thing is that Tako is based on a chatbot of a company that TikTok did not disclose. Maybe OpenAI? Maybe this is some other solution?

The announcement concludes by stating that there are no further plans for Tako, other than early testing:

There have also been reports among users that versions of the app on the iOS platform in the United States contain references to Tako.

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