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TikTok plays with Twitter, that is, X. Introduces text post features

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In recent weeks, a lot has changed in the world of social media – Mark Zuckerberg released Threads, a microblogging service resembling Twitter, and now Elon Musk has finished the teenage history of the “tweeter” by officially calling it X. Now, TikTok, known for its videos, reminds users that it is still worth reading, not just watching.

TikTok with text posts. The creators play X and Instagram Threads

New text posts won’t be too different from existing videos and photos. Visually, they resemble Instagram Stories – you can change the background colour and the way the graphic design of the post looks – through colours to fonts or text alignment. In addition, it is possible to add music and stickers.

TikTok’s text posts have a character limit – The Verge claims it’s 1000, so these may contain some information. Of course, interactions for this type of post will not differ from videos or photos, we are still talking about the same platform.

4zMjDIQI image

The introduction of the function seems interesting, to say the least. Because, first of all, it is a platform that has extremely popularized vertical video. Yes, especially video. The ability to add a text post reminds us that instead of just watching a short video, you can also read something once in a while, which seems extremely important considering that very young people also use TikTok.

On the other hand, however, there is a desire to nibble at the cake related to changes in Twitter, which in recent months has gained many words of criticism regarding the running of the website by Elon Musk. Now we have X, and recently Instagram Threads have been available in most of the world (but still not in Europe) and these platforms focus on short messages.

TikTok most likely saw an opportunity and the timing of the text posts seems very reasonable. We will see how it will be with the popularity of the function, but the potential is huge. After all, we are talking about TikTok.

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