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Want to keep using this super popular Google service? You need to update Chrome

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Often, in order to be able to continue using various functions, you need to reach for the latest version of the software. Companies are reluctant to support older releases of their applications and services. So does Google.

Translate pages only for a newer version of Google Chrome.

Google on its official community page announced that it is disabling the popular page translation function in the browser for older versions of Chrome. The owners of Chrome 95 and older, i.e. relatively old updates, will no longer benefit from the possibilities. “Ninety-five” debuted in October 2021, a year and a half ago.

Currently, the latest in Chrome 113, so those who update their browser at least once in a while should not face a problem. Or, if you’re using an older edition, when you try to translate a page, you’ll see a message on your screen that says “This page can’t be translated.” The only sensible solution here will be to update the browser.

The problem may occur in owners of devices with several older operating systems who do not have the ability to update. The most affected by the change will be people using iPhones on iOS 13 or older iPhone 6, running on iOS 12 (released a year later, 6s interestingly supports iOS 15), who do not have the ability to install a newer version of Chrome than 93. On the other hand, Android 5.0 (who else uses it?) supports up to Chrome 95.

The impossibility of updating certainly affects a small part of users who will have to do without the function of translating websites. There is also always Google Translate available on a dedicated website.

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