Why authors get banned on Alpha Web Guide

Alpha Web Guide has a zero-tolerance stance against certain issues and we quickly restrict accounts that violate them. Some of the biggest and most standard causes for banning profiles may be identified below:


This is a highly severe infringement and we do not take kindly to identical material. We perceive plagiarism as the most severe kind of theft and a robbery of intellect. Whether it is one line or one paragraph, if you are discovered stealing information, it implies that we cannot trust you. In certain situations, it may trigger legal procedures against the writer also.

Driving bot traffic

There have been incidents when authors have brought in illicit bot traffic in an effort to boost their revenue. Keep in mind that our IT staff is a lot smarter than you and we have processes in place to identify bot traffic within minutes. This violation also demands legal procedures and accounts are banned instantly.

Repeatedly submitting rejected articles

When our editors reject an article, it indicates that the material is not sufficient enough to be published on the platform. Re-submitting an identical article again counts as spamming and your account might be banned for the same.

Spamming or expressing disrespect in the comments thread

Leaving unwanted spam comments or showing abusive conduct in the comments area may also result in an indefinite ban from the site.