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We will talk to the computer as with a human being. Windows Copilot launches

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Bing, Microsoft 365, GitHub and Dynamics 365 have their chatbots (in the production channel or in announcements). In theory, Windows is also integrated with the chatbot, providing numerous shortcuts to Bing Chat in its interface. However, this is a sham integration, these shortcuts are used to launch the Bing Chat application in the Edge browser. That is about to change.

Windows Copilot is based on technology from OpenAI and Microsoft, derived from the same technical foundations as the chatbots mentioned above. However, it is particularly specialized in the knowledge of Windows and can interact with it. And also in the applications opened on it.

No more calls from less advanced users asking for help. Windows Copilot guides the user by hand. It will suggest appropriate actions even to the power user.

windows 11 copilot 2

How to disable notifications in Windows? How to mute sound in Windows? Don’t you know? You will probably use an Internet search engine. This will indicate the appropriate options in the Windows graphical interface, perhaps suggest keyboard shortcuts to some things. And wouldn’t it be easier to write I need to focus, let nothing bother me?

This type of command is understandable to a user of any advancement. Anyway, thanks to GPT technology, it does not have to be this one – Copilot understands natural speech expressed in text in any language and in any tone. Show me photos from the last three days. Or arrange the windows so that they are all visible. Often it is not only more obvious but also faster. Even for a power user who, instead of a sequence of keyboard shortcuts for a complex task, can simply write a command.

Windows Copilot will be integrated with Bing and can be used to search for information, just like Bing Chat. Deep integration with the Windows Clipboard also sounds interesting. When pasting copied text, rewrite it to make it more formal. What Bing Chat can do, Windows Copilot should be able to do too. The only difference is that said Copilot can interact with what the user is working on, including data and applications located locally.

Artificial intelligence will also go to the Microsoft Store. It will read all user-written reviews of a given game and application, and then condense them into one short summary, taking into account the comments of these users.

Public tests of Windows Copilot are expected to start as early as next month. It is not known when it will go to the production version of Windows 11. Probably on the occasion of the 23H2 update, scheduled for autumn this year.

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