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Microsoft killed an iconic program that everyone was using. There is also good news

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The first thing that users do after installing a new Windows is to download the necessary programs. Some do it manually, others use programs such as Ninite. But one thing they have in common – for sure there will be a program that supports RAR files on the list.

There is also a chance that it will be the legendary WinRAR, for which you probably never bought a license. Therefore, when you opened the program, a notification appeared that the trial version has expired and you must either buy the full version or remove the program from your computer. Now a new possibility arises.

Windows 11 will unzip the .rar files.

You can light a candle for the most iconic icon in the world and write down the date of May 23. It was then that Microsoft announced that Windows 11 would natively support 7z and rar file compression formats.

On the blog, which is mainly devoted to news related to artificial intelligence, such as Hybrid AI Loop, Dev Home (what is it?) or Windows Copilot – and plugins for Bing Chat, it was unexpectedly reported that Microsoft will add “native support for additional archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others, using the open-source libarchive project”.

The update will roll out to the Windows Insider version “later this week.”

How many years has WinRAR been with us?

Almost 30 years. It first appeared on Windows 28 years ago. We used it. for easy and quick extraction of files with photos, videos, etc. Soon we will not need the old WinRAR. Will you let it go?

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