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You can’t browse Twitter anonymously anymore

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So far, the issue of access to public tweets has been simple. Even without an account, we could use the platform without any problems – apart from a few functions, such as commenting, liking or retweeting, but access was still there. There have been reports online that this has changed – and indeed it is.

Twitter blocks access to the platform for users who are not logged in. Without an account, do not move

As reported by The Verge, Twitter has probably made a change that makes Twitter users use the service without an account… They lose access to the content that is available on the portal. This means that until we log in, Twitter will not allow us to check any of the tweets.

The problem occurs in the browser version of Twitter – both on personal computers and smartphones and an attempt to enter any tweet posted on the site ends with a window that tells us to log in or register. We decided to check the case on our own and it is just as it appears from the reports.

Twitter shows login screen on every link

If we are not logged in, we see a window that can be turned off at most using the cross in the upper left window. The cross redirects us to the Twitter homepage, where the available options are the same – you can register via Google / Apple or log in with your Twitter account, or simply set one up. We will see the window regardless of how we go to the platform – one way to get through the message is to simply log in.

A deliberate procedure or just a mistake?

Twitter has officially referred to the observed changes for now, so we don’t know what’s going on – whether this is a deliberate ploy or just another mistake. Earlier this year, the platform was supposed to get rid of a message that prevented non-logged users from accessing, while in April this year, the search bar for non-logged users was removed. On the one hand, you can see an attempt to facilitate access for those who are not logged in, and on the other hand, difficulties – we do not know which way Twitter will go.

If the change is not a bug, it may mean that Twitter wants only logged-in users to be able to view the content shared on the site. For now, we only have to wait for the development of the situation and possible confirmation of the change. Because a lot can still change in this matter.

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