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Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

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Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger
Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger
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On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta has given its employees insight into a series of AI tools. Among the features we get, there are some really interesting items that can change the way you use these applications. As long as everything works, of course.

Finish Revolution?

The word revolution has recently been a bit overused in relation to the achievements of new technologies, but certainly, if Zuckerberg’s announcements come true, new tools may change our way of using the most popular applications in the world. Currently, Meta products are used by 3.8 billion monthly users worldwide. For now, the artificial intelligence is being tested internally by Meta employees.

What’s on Instagram?

According to the announcement, Instagram will receive the option to modify users’ photos only using prompts provided to artificial intelligence. In practice, this means that we will be able to instruct the AI to remove some uncomfortable background object from our photo, modify the color of hair or eyes, or otherwise “improve” the photography. It is worth mentioning that a similar feature was presented for the Pixel tool at the Google I/O 2023 conference.

What about WhatsApp and Messenger?

A feature that could be expected is the chatbots planned for both WhatsApp and Messenger. AIs like ChatGPT will act as a virtual assistant, being able to play different characters, although it is not yet known how flexible they will be in playing these roles. The Chatbot feature will also be available (probably in a separate app) in a new business tool called Metamate, which has been described as a productivity assistant for employees. He will perform tasks based on information collected from the company’s internal systems.

The function of creating our own stickers on the fly, which we will be able to send to our interlocutors on these messengers, also seems remarkably interesting. How much time have you spent looking for matching emojis, pictures, or gifs to illustrate your reaction when talking to friends? Especially in hermetic groups of friends, which often rely on eccentric humor, this is often the case. Now it will be enough to provide a text prompt for the AI to generate a sticker adequate to the situation for us.

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