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Zuckerberg, “We invented the Vision Pro, but we didn’t like it”

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Zuckerberg, We invented the Vision Pro, but we didn't like it
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Meta had already thought about the Vision Pro but then decided to do something else. Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of the group that, in addition to managing Facebook, also deals with Virtual Reality and produces Quest, a competitor viewer of Apple’s – does not say so, but in the end his opinion on the device announced at WWDC is this.

The occasion to discuss Vision Pro was a meeting with employees. It was in this context that, inevitably, Zuckerberg’s speech fell on the events of recent days and said his opinion on Apple’s virtual reality device. “I was curious to see what Apple had put together and in the end I have to say that there is nothing particularly innovative that we have not already taken into account and explored.

If what Apple did, it seems to understand, Meta could have done too, why didn’t it? Because “Apple – explains Zuckerberg quoted by The Verge – wanted a high-resolution device and put technology into it to support it. The result is that it costs seven times Quest and needs a separate battery to work. They have made compromises that make sense for their goal. We innovate with products that are accessible to as many people as possible, we have sold millions of Quests».

In short, Apple aims at the elite, Meta to create technologies that are accessible to the greatest number of people; In addition, it has a different underlying philosophy: the vision on the Quest function is different from that of Vision Pro: “We have a social perspective, we think about giving people the opportunity to interact in a new way, to be active and do things, the Apple demo put a person sitting on a sofa alone. It could certainly be the future of the computer, but it’s not what I would like it to be.”

Apple and Meta go in different directions in the virtual universe scenario, a divergence that makes Zuckerberg optimistic and enthusiastic because it reinforces his belief that “what Meta is doing is what matters and will succeed”

Concepts not too different from those exposed in October last year when Zuckerberg had prodded Apple on the metaverse side, explaining that Cupertino’s strategy would have led to the creation of its own “closed ecosystem” with damages both for companies and for consumers who choose to access virtual reality through the Apple viewer, emphasizing the importance of an inclusive scenario towards all other companies that want to collaborate.

The CEO of Meta had also talked about the need for a strategy based on open standards but this exists only theoretically: there is officially no actual commitment or real or partial openness for Meta’s VR experiences on third-party devices and there is no guarantee that this will happen in the future.

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